ALMS with another win against the undefeated Ursuline


A few days ago, my friend told me that Albert Leonard was going against Ursuline and how Ursuline has won every single one of their games this year, but not for long! Today the leopards came prepared for the challenge and it showed after they played all three sets and won every single one. Even though we won all three sets the second game was a nail bitter, Ursuline kept tying the game. I would like to have a shout out to Savannah and Jazmin for that amazing lead roles. I have two other girls that impressed me. Sophia M. with her serves, hits and great sets and always doing cute and fun cheers with the team. The second is Sloane, she was very nervous with her serves but were great and excellent at the net. We also had a very cute guest returning the ball, I don’t know her name but all I know is that she worked her cuteness. Congrats on the win leopards and good game to Ursuline.

This is a full recording of the game. This time I asked my dad for a tripod to keep the camera steady, yet I still managed to record the celling in some cases. 

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The one that got away!

We suffered a 2-1 loss in this game, narrowly missing victory by just a few points.

2 thoughts on “ALMS with another win against the undefeated Ursuline”

  1. Great job Chloe! And to think just a few years ago you were that cute little girl on the courts.
    I’m so proud of the young girl you are becoming!!!

  2. Amazing write-up Chloe wow. You captured the scene and I felt like I was there at the game! Looking forward to reading more and watching you and your own teammates play vb!! Keep it going!

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